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Senior living centers


Nicole's mission is to bring the beauty of music to every resident, catering her offerings to the resident's mood, state of mind, and stage of life. She offers harp and piano entertainment for residents looking for an uplifting break in their day. 

Her talent and lively personality have dazzled hundreds of residents at nursing homes, memory care facilities, independent living facilities, and assisted living centers. She is available to provide concerts, background music

during meals and events, harp sing-alongs, and holiday entertainment.

For residents who would benefit from a more specialized musical setting, Nicole offers bedside therapeutic harp music. This style of music has been scientifically proven to promote healing. It can help ease pain and aid sleep, increase relaxation, improve memory, serve as a peaceful guide in end-of-life transitions, and more.

Click here to see Nicole's list of services.

  Click here for more information on bedside therapeutic music

Other Healthcare/Wellness Facilities


Nicole offers a variety of healing music modalities and will work with you to find which one best fits your facility. Facilities that provide inpatient care may consider bedside therapeutic music or healing harp for common areas. For outpatient and

wellness facilities, Nicole offers healing music for lobbies and waiting rooms, as well as group meditation, relaxation sessions, and harp accompaniment for yoga classes. More information on harp-accompanied yoga can be found here.

Private In-Home Harp Therapy

In-home end-of-life care is becoming increasingly popular as a way to provide extra comfort and familiarity to our loved ones during a difficult time. Nicole offers bedside therapeutic harp music for in-home hospice patients. She is also available for bedside sessions for infants and new moms, individuals suffering from injury or chronic illness, and those with disabilities.

Ask Nicole if bedside music would be beneficial for your family member. Nicole will work with you to provide appropriate music at a time and recurrence that meets your needs and schedule.

weddings & private functions


Nicole's semi-grand concert harp provides elegant and unique entertainment that is sure to impress your guests and enhance the atmosphere of your event. Nicole has performed at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, memorials, corporate/academic events, art exhibits, and more. Specific song requests accommodated; please inquire.