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To supplement her performances at senior living centers, Nicole received her certification as a clinical musician (CCM) from Harp for Healing, a program that is accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. She is available for hire at nursing homes, memory-care units, hospices, hospitals, and clinics. Harp therapy sessions differ from senior living performances in that Nicole uses a small therapy harp that allows her to roam around to different rooms, playing bedside for individual patients or in common areas. Nicole plays calming instrumentals that aim to shift mood, relieve pain, and provide emotional guidance and orientation. The small therapy harp can also be utilized as an interactive instrument which patients can play, which boosts neuronal activity and distracts them from the stress of their ailments. 


In conjunction with her music studies, Nicole has earned two degrees and three certifications in psychological counseling and life coaching, respectively. She is excited to meld her two passions to provide music-based therapy and assistance to those in need.