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Nicole began her musical journey with her first piano lesson at age seven, and she immediately fell in love with the instrument. She spent the next decade training as a classical pianist and discovering her love for composition. At the same time, Nicole was making a name for herself

in her community. At age eleven she became the youngest piano accompanist for her

school district's music department. From that point forward, she had the privilege of accompanying choirs both locally and abroad. As she continued her classical training,

Nicole discovered other genres and took a special interest in new age music. She took

an online new age composition course and wrote her first instrumental at age fifteen.

Nicole refers to her composing as her "passion within a passion," as this is where her heart

truly lies. After attending college and graduate school with a psychology and music track, 

Nicole taught private piano lessons and continued building her repertoire while performing

at private events and functions. Today, while she still occasionally performs with the piano,

most of her work with the instrument is geared toward composing.

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Nicole's dedication to music led her to quickly excel at piano, so it was not long before she considered devoting time to a second instrument. At age thirteen she attended a family

wedding and met the harpist who was providing background music at the cocktail hour.

After sharing a conversation about their musical backgrounds, the harpist allowed Nicole to

sit at the harp and try out a couple of easy tunes. Nicole was taken by the uniqueness and beauty of the instrument and decided to start harp lessons. This wedding harpist, a prominent Salzedo harpist on Cape Cod, became Nicole's teacher and remained so for the next eight years. During this time, Nicole gained experience playing as an individual, in small groups,

and in orchestras. She focused on building a repertoire suitable for weddings and private events, and her business as a professional musician launched in 2007.


Nicole continues offering her services as a harp entertainer and has built an extensive 

repertoire that includes a variety of genres ranging from classical to pop, jazz to folk,

feel-good to emotionally poignant, and more. She recently began composing on the harp 

and has added several of these pieces to her song list as well.

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Harp Therapy


While attending college at Boston University, Nicole chose a track that included a psychology major with a music minor. She continued onto graduate school at Northeastern University,

where she received her master of science in counseling. Nicole has always taken a special interest in music's effect on the mind and body and many of her projects centered on this topic. When she started marketing her business, Nicole volunteered her time performing for the

elderly and infirm at local assisted living centers, which is a wonderful aid to the residents' memories, stress levels, pain levels, and well-being. Nicole continues to play at these facilities

at a discounted rate. Click here to learn more.

Nicole's latest endeavors have taken her music and counseling skills to the next level. In 2013 she earned certifications as a professional life coach through the nationally-recognized World Coach Institute, and she recently became a Certified Clinical Musician through the highly accredited Harp for Healing program. Board-certified clinical musicians have gone through extensive training on using music as a vehicle for healing. Nicole offers bedside therapeutic harp music to local healthcare, senior living, and wellness facilities, as well as private in-home sessions for patients on hospice care, infants and new moms, and more.